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Shadelife’s Crystal Table lamp | Made on Earth | Sustainable lamp

Introducing our mesmerizing 3D Printed Lamp, a dazzling creation inspired by the pristine beauty of Quartz Crystal. This lamp embodies the essence of clarity, purity, and natural elegance, bringing the captivating charm of crystal formations right into your living space.

The 3D Printed Lamp draws inspiration from the enchanting color of Quartz Crystal, reflecting its translucent beauty and iridescent glow. Just like gazing into a crystal, the lamp radiates a sense of serenity and positivity, filling your surroundings with a soothing and harmonious ambiance. The lampshade’s smooth contours and graceful lines showcase the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and timeless allure, making it a standout piece that effortlessly complements any interior décor.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the use of premium materials and advanced 3D printing technology. The lamp is crafted with eco-friendly and durable PLA filament, guaranteeing not only its exquisite appearance but also its long-lasting performance and sustainability.

Dimensions     : H 9inch  X  W 6inch
Light sources  :  6W filament Bulb (included)
Cord Length    :  1.5mts
Material           :  PLA ( Plant based polymer) & Electroplated SS metal




Creating the best glow.

Transform the vibe of any bedroom – Bedroom, living room , Study & beyond

Made On Earth Table lamp collection

Not an ordinary lamp

Our table lights are hard to tip over, more shatter-resistant than glass and easy in cleaning then cloth shades and backed by an warranty

Made by shadelife in India

A different approach to lighting

People were tired of lighting that looked the same, broke easily, and harmed the earth with excessive plastic. That’s why we rethought the way a light should be made. Shadelife’s lamps  are 3D printed on-demand in India using Shadelife’s Plant Polymers, our own plant-based materials. It’s what makes our lights so unique and so much better for the environment.

Lamps made of sugarcane

Made for earth

Shadelife's lamps are made from our plant-based materials that are biodegradable and emit less CO2 than fossil-based plastic.

Made one at a time

Shadelife's lamps feature one lamp at a time. And since every shade is 3D printed one by one, each lamp has its own unique character.

Made for peace of mind

Shadelife's Lamps are the perfect diffusor for lights which glow the entire space and provides with a calm surrounding.